October 10, 2018

Royal Ford Winter Tires
The leaves are changing colours, sweaters are coming out of storage, and the air is feeling crisp. These are a few signs of fall being here and great indicators that winter is slowly approaching. Now is the time to get things ready for the longest season in Saskatchewan: winter.

With the weather being harsh in this area of the country, you need to make sure that your vehicle is reliable and stocked for emergencies. One of the most important necessities for winter is getting a set of good quality winter tires. Winter tires have better traction on snow, slush and ice and can prevent accidents. Another necessity is to ensure you have a pair of wiper blades in proper working condition that clean your windshield for clear visibility in a snowstorm.

During the months ahead, it is always key to be prepared for seasonal weather conditions. Keep a snowbrush and ice scraper in your vehicle if you need to brush off snow or scrape ice prior to driving your vehicle when parked outside. Remember to carry a shovel in your trunk in case you get stuck in a snowbank and have to shovel out around your tires to create a path. A blanket, warm clothing, and accessories including a scarf, toque, and gloves are required if for some reason you cannot get your vehicle to start, and you get stuck in the cold. Lastly, make sure your car is always full of gas if you are going out of the city.

Your vehicle safety matters to all of us at Terry Ortynsky’s Royal Ford. Please follow these tips in preparation for your winter driving.