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Autumn season is here, and soon winter is coming!

It’s time to winterize your vehicle before the cold season arrives. Wondering what you should be checking before winter? Here are some things to do:

(1) Winter Tires - When the temperature drops below 7 degrees, it is recommended that you install winter tires. Winter tires have more traction and will stop quicker in an emergency because they are specifically made for harsh winter conditions. Additionally, the air pressure should be checked to ensure that it is at the recommended level.

(2) Oil Change - During winter, there are specific oil types recommended which have less viscosity (thinner) and enable the engine to work more efficiently.

(3) Battery Check - Have the battery tested to be sure that it has enough power to start your engine on a very cold morning.

(4) Block Heater - Check that the block heater is working because you need to plug in your vehicle when the temperature drops below -15 degrees. This will help the engine start and warm up faster.

(5) Coolant Check - Make sure that the coolant is at an appropriate level and in good condition.

(6) Washer Fluid - You will need a washer fluid that can stand cold winter temperatures, ideally down to -40 degrees.

(7) Windshield Wiper Blades - There are winter wiper blades designed to effectively handle snow and ice.

(8) Floor Mats - Custom-designed rubber mats for the make and model of your vehicle will trap snow that you transfer into your vehicle. You will find them easy to clean up as well.

(9) General Tune-up - Check the brakes, belts, filters, ignition system, heater/defrosting system, lights, and other parts.

Our Service Team is here to help ensure that your vehicle is ready for the winter.

Get ahead of the winter rush, and call  to book your service appointment today.

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