We bill for diagnosis, by the amount of time spent, or actual time billing. Our service rate is $126.25 per hour and we bill in 1/10 hour increments. For example:

0.1 hour is $12.63

0.2 hour is $25.26

0.3 hour is $37.88

0.4 hour is $50.50

0.5 hour is $63.13

At Royal Auto Group our prices are reasonable because we are well-equipped with highly trained technicians who work very diligently. Many diagnoses take an hour or less. The customer is also free to set an amount, at which time we will stop and call with our findings. At this point we can predict how much additional time, if any, may be required.

Our customers prefer this method because it, not only saves money, but also fixes vehicles right the first time. We think you will agree that Royal Auto Group is the place to go.
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