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By: Ronald S. Jalmanzar

My family and I migrated to Canada. We attended seminars and learned many things about Canada before we landed. We knew we had to build our credit history. We understood that a vehicle is a necessity, more so during wintertime.

We wanted to have a vehicle! We were advised that we should use it to build our credit history. We should not buy a vehicle in cash otherwise we would lose the chance of starting the process. But we needed a vehicle!

With no work yet, we realized that it would be difficult for us to obtain a vehicle through a loan, for us to start building our credit history in time for buying a house. Showing our financial capacity to pay the credit was indeed difficult without yet an employment. But we needed a vehicle to earn for a living and not to bother anymore our relatives in transporting and fetching us to where we wanted to go!

Some suggested that we could give our Social Insurance Number (SIN) to a sales person for us to obtain a loan and get a vehicle of our choice. The sales person would just process everything, and we would already have our first vehicle in Canada, with no sweat! Very enticing especially that we would want to start our adjustment process and we would want to have our own vehicle as part of it.

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But we did not want to share our SIN just to get a vehicle. We were told that it was sacred! Hence, to give it simply for that reason was scary! And we were more scared as the interest rate was not fixed or made known to us beforehand and that we would be oblivious to the details and process of the loan. It was just sugar coated by the wonderful idea that we would have our needed vehicle already.

Before we migrated, we were also forewarned not to give our SIN to anyone in the guise of checking our credit standing and history for the purpose of obtaining a vehicle loan. What credit history to check if we just migrated. It would not make sense! Our credit history in the country of origin was immaterial in the transaction at hand.

We had lots of question in mind!

Meanwhile, my wife and I, together with my brother passed by Royal Ford. We never had a Ford vehicle before. We were loyal to two brands, one of which is a member of Royal Auto group, Honda.

We were cynical! But just for the sake of acceding to my brother's suggestion to just check the inventory, we went to Royal Ford dealership. I did not want nagging pressure from sales professionals, so I instructed my brother that we just see the wide array of vehicles parked at the front lot of the dealership.

But before we could finish checking one vehicle, I witnessed a salesman noticed our presence and proceeded to where we were. Contrary to what I expected, Dave, one of the Sales Consultant was very pleasant. He welcomed all our inquiries and was very cheerful in showing us the vehicles that caught our attention. It was very windy but we felt we were not swept away by any sales talk because there was none!

Then, he invited us to see also the ones in their showroom. Because of his welcoming attitude, we agreed with no qualms. When we entered the dealership, all the people there greeted us. We felt the warmth in their smile. And after Clinton, the Sales Manager, had a brief conversation with us and learned that we were Filipinos, we were introduced to another Filipino working there, Lovell. Dwayne, the General Manager and Terry Ortynsky, the Dealer Principal, also greeted and talked to us.

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 immigrant 20 buyer

We told them why we needed a vehicle and our situation as new immigrants. They became instantly our advisors and gave us tips that would not hurt our credit standing. It was almost lunchtime. But they were very dedicated in helping us out obtain a vehicle loan from Ford Credit.

Before 1:30 in the afternoon of the same day, we were informed that our loan application was already approved. They did not ask for our SIN; they were very careful in not prejudicing our credit standing. They wanted to help us as new immigrants adjust to our new life and build well our credit history without unnecessary burden on us.

We initially planned on getting a used car. Instead, we got a brand new one with lower monthly payments. The professionals from Royal Ford offered us the best deal! We got zero percent interest! We received also lots of freebies like free full tank gas, caps, all-season matting, key chains, among others.

They also guided us on the insurance we needed as well as the registration process. They were very thorough in giving us the pertinent information about the vehicle and possessing a vehicle in Canada.

We learned, that the professionals in Royal Auto Group were not paid based on commission. But amazingly, we felt their untiring helping hand. We felt groping when we arrived in the dealership, but they illuminated our path. By their frank, respectful and professional disposition, all our questions were clarified.

Although, we knew our loan application was already approved, we did not get a vehicle right away. We just asked them for time, to think it over which vehicle to get. In jest, I told them that my wife could not yet decide which color to get. To aid us with our decision, they told us that we could test drive our preferred vehicles. But we did not anymore.

As days passed by, some questions popped up in our minds one after another. And we referred them to Royal Ford professionals. Still, they were very gracious in answering our questions. All those times, they never nagged us on getting the vehicle already. They were simply guiding us by specifically answering our questions. We did not want calls from professionals enticing us, to the point of pressuring us, to buy something. More so at this instance, our loan application was already approved. They respected well our time to think it over. We were amazed that they did not nag us. We took that as a cue that we were making the right choice, thus, we went back to the dealership and within few hours, we got our brand new Ford Escape.

We have experienced mediocre after-sales service. The vigorous sales professional would transform into an evasive one and would just pass you on to another person. Indeed, very impersonal treatment and without care at all.

To our delight, we were received by the same passion in the after sales service. A huge nail punctured our vehicle's tire, we were accommodated immediately and they processed the insurance claim. We paid not a single penny and we did not go through preparing the tedious paper works. We were reminded of oil change and they were prompt and efficient in doing it. We did not have problem at all. We were not inconvenienced.

Because Royal Ford made it easy for us, my wife applied for work thereat and was eventually hired. The people and the management of Royal Ford touched our lives in so many ways. We were immensely grateful to them. They were our guardian angels, so to speak.

We experienced friendly and professional treatment from the people at Royal Ford. They extended assistance making our buying decision and experience as if not a buying business at all. They were more of advisors than sales persons.

Thank you for contributing in making our migration-adjustment experience easy. Hurray in pursuing your aim to continually and ethically provide optimal automotive solutions to your customers and for being true to your slogan, "We Make It Easy!".


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