Our Vehicle Repair Services Promise To You:

"We're committed to customer satisfaction, and making sure you're on your way as soon as possible." - Terry Ortynsky, Quick Lane Owner

At Yorkton's Quick Lane, we provide in-depth vehicle check-ups that help you easily monitor your vehicle maintenance needs to help detect any issues you might not be aware of, or that might need servicing in the future. We have Quick Lane technicians who have been at this location since 2012, so you can be sure the advice you are receiving is trustworthy.

You can even earn Owner Advantage RewardsTM every visit!

While-You-Wait Amenities That Make It Feel Like You Never Left Home!

Enjoy our WiFi services in the waiting lounge or watch some TV while you enjoy our freshly-brewed coffee!
Need to run an errand while your car is being serviced? Let our complimentary shuttle service take you where you need to go Monday through Saturday.


Vehicle Check-Up
The experienced Auto Service Technicians at the Rocky Quick Lane will thoroughly inspect your vehicle’s key components and systems from top to bottom, then give you an in-depth Vehicle Check up that will help you easily monitor your car or truck’s maintenance needs.

Oil Change

"The Works" Oil Change & Maintenance Package
It's more than just an Oil & Filter!
"The Works" package includes:
-Oil Change
-Oil Filter Change
-Tire Rotation and Check-up
-83-Point Inspection
-Washer Fluid Top-Up
-Full Brake Examination
-Battery Review & Maintenance
-All Fluids Checked
-Air-Conditioning Assessment


Whether you’re looking for a new set of tires for your vehicle, or looking for a quick tire rotation or tire inspection, Rocky's Quick Lane Tire & Auto Centre is your place. Rest assured you are getting the best possible price with our Price Match Guarantee. Leave the heavy lifting to us! Tire storage available in our fully insured facility. Free flat repair on every tire purchased from our location. Complimentary shuttle service.


Your transmission is crucial to the proper functioning of your vehicle. If your transmission fluid is old and contaminated, it can cause expensive damage. And if your transmission filter is clogged, your engine will not be able to shift gears effectively. Whether you drive a manual or automatic transmission, the Auto Service Experts at the Rocky Quick Lane have the necessary experience for performing whatever maintenance it needs, from a simple check-up to a complete service.


Cooling System
Weather and regular use can take its toll on your vehicle, and a malfunctioning cooling system can lead to overheating and damage to your radiator. Visit the Rocky Quick Lane to have an experienced Auto Service Technician inspect your system and replace any damaged or worn components.

An old car battery can stop you cold. If you’re not sure whether or not your battery is worn out, stop by your Rocky Quick Lane for a complimentary battery test. We’ll see if it’s ready for another season. Plus, if you need a new one, we stock the Motorcraft® batteries that are right for your vehicle.


Bumpy roads and potholes can throw off the alignment of your vehicle, causing it to pull to the left or right rather than traveling in a straight line. This can lead to uneven tire wear and reduce your gas mileage. If you’ve noticed this in your vehicle, stop by your Rocky Quick Lane for a road test and professional wheel alignment. Factory-trained Technicians will be able to restore proper alignment, improving handling and helping make your vehicle run more efficiently.

Brake Service
Your brakes are one of your vehicle’s most important safety features, but just because they’re stopping your vehicle doesn’t mean they’re working their best. In order to stop your car or truck safely, brakes are designed to slowly wear as you use them. That’s why regular maintenance of your brake system is so important. Visit the Rocky Quick Lane for while-you-wait service and we’ll make sure to keep your vehicle stopping. Plus, we offer high-quality brake products and brake fluid from Motorcraft®.

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