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Whether we like the weather or not, us Canadians know that winter is right around the corner. Luckily Ford has created a great offer to help us get to work during the winter months. Ford has created what is called The Smart Choice Event! So, what is The Smart Choice Event? The event is to help customers that are looking at getting a new vehicle and want to make sure that they can go on daily commutes possible! Most new vehicles for a limited time are going to get what is called a Winter Performance Package at no charge! Each winter performance package comes with a set of winter tires, winter wheels, tire pressure monitoring sensors, and a mount and balance. That can equal out to a lot of savings being passed on to the customer and a great peace of mind knowing that your new vehicle will keep you and your family safe on the winter roads. And as a bonus for the month of October 2018, eligible COSTCO members receive an additional rebate!

You may think that winter tires are not necessary and that all season tires will do the trick. They can get you from A to B but the performance between a winter tire against an all-season tire is undeniable. Most vehicles now are coming equipped with an all-wheel drive system or four-wheel drive or even 4x4. That means that you can accelerate on almost any kind of surface but what about coming to a stop? What about taking a sharp turn to avoid an accident? That are the questions that are sometimes forgotten about when looking at a vehicle during the winter months. All-season tires lose their performance once temperatures go below seven degrease Celsius. How does this happen? Tires are made of rubber compounds and an all-season tire starts to become much harder when it gets to cold. When the tires become hard in the cold weather it will slide on surfaces very easily. This is like a hockey puck sliding on ice. A winter tire will stay softer in colder temperatures to ensure that you have maximum grip while accelerating, stopping and cornering. If you have not had the chance to try some winter tires and you are looking at a new vehicle, we would recommend you try them out and let the tires show you the difference.

If you have any questions about winter tires or The Smart Choice Event, you can message us or give us a call and we are more than happy to help answer your questions.

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