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Why You Need Winter Tires

Winter Tires Last week we had the first snowfall of 2020! It is the time of the year again that most people ask the same question - Do I really need winter tires? Read below to find out the truth behind winter tires vs. all-season tires. From black ice to below freezing temperatures, winter tires are the best option that covers all the bases because they are designed...

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Ford GT '66 Heritage Edition
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The Ford GT '66 Heritage Edition with unique black and silver-stripe livery celebrates the 1966 Le Mans winning GT40 Mark II race car driven by Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon. Only available on the 2017 model, the Limited-edition Ford GT features exclusive race-number graphics, unique interior colours, materials and appointments. Coming...

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Ford GT Wins Le Mans!
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What does it mean to lease your next vehicle at Royal Ford in Yorkton, Saskatchewan?

When you are considering getting into a new vehicle like the new Ford F-150, at Royal Ford here in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, we encourage you to consider the option to lease your new vehicle. Leasing is typically a great option for people who like to get into a brand new vehicle every few years. With lease terms ranging from 24 months to 60 months (depending on programs available at the...

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Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Winter
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The leaves are changing colours, sweaters are coming out of storage, and the air is feeling crisp. These are a few signs of fall being here and great indicators that winter is slowly approaching. Now is the time to get things ready for the longest season in Saskatchewan: winter. With the weather being harsh in this area of the country, you need to make sure that your vehicle is reliable and...

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The Smart Choice Event
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Whether we like the weather or not, us Canadians know that winter is right around the corner. Luckily Ford has created a great offer to help us get to work during the winter months. Ford has created what is called The Smart Choice Event! So, what is The Smart Choice Event? The event is to help customers that are looking at getting a new vehicle and want to make sure that they can go on daily...

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Ford Focus RS Winter Tires
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Winter be Damned, Focus RS Drivers can Shred Snow with First Ever Factory Winter Tire Package Canadian drivers are faced with a dilemma, stock tires are designed for the entire North American market so they end up making sacrifices when the weather changes. An all-season does not perform optimally in the warm months or in the winter months. The Focus RS is designed to take on...

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Ford Fusion Wins Top Safety Pick+ Award From IIHS
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2017 Ford Fusion earns good ratings in all five crashworthiness tests, resulting in rare Top Safety Pick+ award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety New modified front-end structure cited for good performance in small overlap front test 2017 Fusion's front crash prevention system, including new optional active braking system, earns a superior rating Like...

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Automotive Financing - the Royal Ford Way
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Buying a vehicle can be a challenge to some people, especially to those with limited budget. Given this, our main goal at Royal Ford Finance is to help customers find the car that meets their needs and with a payment that they can afford. As a financial services advisor, I am responsible for setting up buyers’ financing and ensuring that they understand their finance terms. We present...

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Royal Drive 4 Habitat 2018
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Royal Drive 4 Habitat 2018 On August 25, 2018, the Royal Auto Group and Habitat for Humanity Yorkton collaborated for a test drive event. This test drive event was created to raise money for Habitat for Humanity Yorkton. For every test drive that took place the Royal Auto Group donated $10 to Habitat for Humanity Yorkton. Habitat for Humanity also had a barbeque set up to raise additional funds....

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Training Day at Royal Ford in Yorkton
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Training Day at Royal Ford in Yorkton A couple weeks ago we had a special guest visitor come to see us. Our visitor has been a Ford trainer for several years and is passionate about Ford services and products. You could see it in the way he talks and in his demonstrations. Our sales team consisted of two groups. One morning session and another session in the afternoon. During...

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No more banging wipers in winter?
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No more banging windshield wipers in the winter? We would be down with that. The Windshield Wiper De-Icer is standard on all 2020 Ford Escape Series. Much like traditional rear window defrost systems, the base of the windshield where the wiper blades rest is equipped with a local heating element. The system is designed to clear light snow and ice from the wiper blades in under...

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Why Our Sales Staff Isn't On Commission

Why Our Sales Staff Isn't on Commission Many of us associate car buying with a high-pressure environment, confusing bartering and the anxiety of dealing with salespeople who are only concerned with hitting their commission targets for the month. In fact, many would prefer to do their research online and know the price listed is what they pay. A commission-based approach can make car...

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Downhill with a 15 Ton Trailer!
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Adaptive Cruise Control | Downhill with a 15-Ton Trailer! The all-new 2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty can automatically accelerate and slow to keep pace with traffic - thanks to class-exclusive adaptive cruise control technology - even while towing a trailer weighing more than 31,500 pounds. Adaptive Steering makes maneuvering the all-new Super Duty easier by reducing the amount of steering...

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Sport Mode: ACTIVATE!
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Sport Mode, ACTIVATE! The all-new 2017 Ford Fusion V6 Sport boasts 325 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque - the most power and torque in its class but enabling sport mode unleashes the car's maximum performance.

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The Ford Focus RS RX Revealed
 ford  focus  r s  r x  blog

  A sneak peek was given at the end of Ken Block's Gymkhana Eight, but now we get a closer look at the new Ford Focus RS RX.

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Ford Fusion V6 Sport - Enemy of Potholes
 fusion  header

The 2017 Ford Fusion V6 Sport has a continuously controlled damping and real-time suspension tuning based on setup and road inputs. The system features pothole detection technology that, in less than the blink of an eye, adjusts the shock absorbers to greatly reduce the severity of impact transmitted to occupants.  The 2017 Ford Fusion is packed with tech, check out some of the features...

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Ford Super Duty - Ultimate Tow Machine
 trailer  reverse  guidance

The all-new 2017 Super Duty is the first Ford vehicle to offer up to seven cameras, three of which are used in Trailer Reverse Guidance. These cameras function as more than just digital rearview mirrors: Tailgate camera tracks the motion of a conventional trailer to help coach drivers as they back up Two side-view cameras shift the view of the trailer as its angle changes First-ever...

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Royal Ford Made It Easy For Us
 immigrant 20 car 20 buyer

By: Ronald S. Jalmanzar My family and I migrated to Canada. We attended seminars and learned many things about Canada before we landed. We knew we had to build our credit history. We understood that a vehicle is a necessity, more so during wintertime. We wanted to have a vehicle! We were advised that we should use it to build our credit history. We should not buy a vehicle in cash otherwise...

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What is Shop Material on my Service Bill?
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The following list of items comprises the shop materials that we find necessary to charge to our customers. These items are purchased in bulk quantity, and only a minimal amount is charged per repair in ratio to the small portion used of a complete bulk item. We found that this method of operation allows us to use superior quality supplies on your vehicle at the least cost to you. Adhesives Blades Cleaners...

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How Much is a Free Inspection?
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A very wise person once wrote that nothing is ever truly free. Most reasonable people realize that anything of value has a cost, and the customer always pays that cost. Still the word free is very often used in business to lure the unsuspecting. The lure of free is a very strong one, and people continue to be taken in, over and again. Several times a week, a customer comes into the Service...

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Get Ahead of the Winter Rush
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Autumn season is here, and soon winter is coming! It’s time to winterize your vehicle before the cold season arrives. Wondering what you should be checking before winter? Here are some things to do: (1) Winter Tires - When the temperature drops below 7 degrees, it is recommended that you install winter tires. Winter tires have more traction and will stop quicker in an emergency because...

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