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Terry Ortynsky is a man with a vision that is shared with all his associates when it comes to the automotive world: that each of his dealerships is a place in which customers are treated with the utmost respect and professionalism in an atmosphere of warmth, quality, friendliness and fun. Terry and all team members work for a personal relationship with each of the people who come through the doors, and every member of the staff is a representative of Terry’s goal of helping customers.

The focus on developing this relationship transforms the car-buying experience from impersonal to helpful, professional, and pleasant (which puts customers at ease). Terry’s way of treating people makes it easy for people to do business with us. We work hard to make it easy for customers to make their buying decisions, go through the paperwork, and get fast and efficient service.

When our Royal Ford team serves any customer, we strive to be consultants in the decision-making process rather than salespeople. First, we come to understand what motivates the customer’s buying decision, what is he after and why? Next, with our understanding of the inventory, we are able to locate the best possible match between the customer’s desires and our offering. Then the sales associate works with the customer to ensure that he can better understand the decision he is making. Finally, if the person buys a vehicle, the team member makes it easy for him to go through the paperwork. All of this is done without pressure, maneuvering the customer, or any other manipulative sales techniques. Fairness, truth and total professionalism are values that are united with friendship. All who work at the Royal Ford dealership are skilled, accomplished professionals and good neighbours.

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When you become a member of the Royal Ford dealership, you can take great pride in your company. You will be representing an organization in which the philosophy and practice are about wonderful values, high professional standards, creativity, ongoing improvement and learning, and involvement with our customers and community. These values are not only Terry’s values but also the entire team, and our job is to ensure that customers are served the same way that Terry would personally serve them.


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